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Please rate our performance:

When we say we'll do something, we'll do it and do it right.
We understand the importance of what we do for our stakeholders.
We return calls and emails promptly, and service needs as soon as possible.
We maintain a structured and methodical approach to everything we do.
We evaluate what we see in the context of our clients' operations.
We treat all people with respect, and not act with arrogance or impunity.
We talk to people at all levels, say what we mean, and report what we say.
We seek to understand things from our clients' point of view.
We are clear on what we know, and admit what we don't know.
We look for improvement opportunities whilst remaining impartial.
We are not bullied by people, and stand our ground on things that matter.
We acknowledge areas where we can improve, and take steps to do so.

Please rate what is important to you:

How important is it to have your certificate accredited?
How important is price in the decision to use our services?
How valuable is the online Qdos client portal to you?
How important is accurate and timely audit planning to you?
How important is the performance of the audit team to you?
How important is accurate and timely audit reporting to you?
How important is issuing an accurate and timely certificate to you?
How valuable and useful is our Q-Mark to you?
How valuable is the comparative performance data in Qdos to you?
How important is it to have your feedback considered?